​AlphaGo is the official winner in landmark man vs machine Go match

DeepMind’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) AlphaGo is the official winner in the Go match between man and machine. The AI defeated South Korean champion Lee Se-dol for the third time in a five-game live Go match in the Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul. Two games remain but DeepMind’s computer is the winner despite their results, with no chance for a comeback from Lee whatever points he gains in the remaining games. Latest news on Asia AlphaGo beat the 33-year-old Go grandmaster in the first match on Wednesday and the second on Thursday, much to the shock of the global Go community and Korean commentators. For the third game, Lee brought his top game and used all his time early. Using overtime, he kept on for 13 minutes. The only option for Lee…

Link to Full Article: ​AlphaGo is the official winner in landmark man vs machine Go match

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