10 smartest AI scientists at Google’s DeepMind Lab

Google DeepMind, a group of approximately 200 people aiming to “solve intelligence” in London, is arguably one of the most interesting AI companies operating in the world right now. It made history on March 9 when its ” AlphaGo” system beat the world champion of Go, a Chinese board game that machines have been trying to master for decades.DAVID SILVER Research scientist David Silver has contributed to many research efforts, with 29 publications listed on his personal website. He is, in many ways, Google DeepMind’s unsung hero.KORAY KAVUKCUOGLU Research Scientist Koray Kavukcuoglu interned for Google in 2010 for three months. He also holds a PhD from New York University where he worked on “unsupervised learning of feature extractors and multi-stage architectures for object recognition”.VLAD MNIH Research Scientist Vlad Mnih completed…

Link to Full Article: 10 smartest AI scientists at Google’s DeepMind Lab

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