5 Neuroscience Secrets to a Better Customer Acquisition Engine

Your brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons, which are the cells that enable you to process information. What makes these neurons exponentially more powerful is the electrical or chemical connections they create with one another through synapses – your brain actually houses approximately 2 ½ miles of neuronal network interconnections in every cubic millimeter of gray matter. Clearly, your brain packs quite the punch. In fact, last year a PhD student from Carnegie Mellon University collaborated with one from University of California, Berkeley to calculate that the human brain is actually up to 30X more powerful than the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Incredible, right? When considering the dominating influence that the human brain has on the purchase decisions being made by a company’s target audience, it’s stunning how little focus…

Link to Full Article: 5 Neuroscience Secrets to a Better Customer Acquisition Engine

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