Ai breakthrough as intuition algorithm beats humans in test

It’s fairly common for machines to analyze data, but humans are typically required to choose which data points are relevant for analysis. “While recent developments in deep learning and automated processing of images, text, and signals have enabled significant automation in feature engineering for those data types, feature engineering for relational and human behavioral data remains iterative, human-intuition driven, and challenging, and hence, time consuming”. In an interview with the U.K.-based newspaper Daily Mail, Harvard University professor Margo Seltzer disagreed, saying she believes that computers like the Data Science Machine “is going to become the standard quickly – very quickly”. Deep Feature Synthesis is an algorithm that automatically generates features for relational datasets. Then, the machine refines its process and starts picking out trends in the data. By stacking calculations…

Link to Full Article: Ai breakthrough as intuition algorithm beats humans in test

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