AI-Crossword Puzzle System Could Help Machines Learn Language

Here’s a crossword puzzle clue for you: A tall, long-necked spotted ruminant of Africa. If you’re someone who knows African wildlife like the back of your hand, it may take you only a moment to come up with: Giraffe. And congratulations, reader. You’re right. Researchers from the Univ. of Cambridge, New York Univ., and Université de Montréal have developed a web-based platform that can assist you with your morning crossword puzzle and act as a reverse dictionary.  But as fun as solving crossword puzzles might be, the tool may have a deeper role to play when it comes to teaching artificial intelligence (AI) systems human language. The research behind the tool was published in Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics. “To compile a bank of dictionary definitions for training…

Link to Full Article: AI-Crossword Puzzle System Could Help Machines Learn Language

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