AI is coming: How to deal with this new type of intelligence

AI zombies will soon be eating the brains of good, hard-working folks like us.  Hawking. Musk.  Gates. They warned us.  Artificial intelligence is bent on dispatching humankind to the trash heap.    

Sure, the humanichs on CBS’ Extant are staving off an attack by alien spores turned human hybrids. But I have my doubts about how that is going to work out.  Intelligent robots were plenty helpful before they turned on us and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air saved us – barely – from domination.  Ava of Ex Machina ran amuk.  (But really.  In her place, who wouldn’t.) 

Hal was a pain; Skynet nothing but trouble.  And the synths on AMC’s Humans.  Don’t get me started.  (Oh, the humanity.)

Back in the real world, a four-legged robot is opening a door in an engineering lab and a two-legged robot named Atlas is jogging – seriously, jogging – in the woods.

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