AI learns to do SATs better than high school seniors

Ever since 1984 blockbuster ‘The Terminator’ Artificial intelligence has become a somewhat frightening prospect. Mainly because any robot more intelligent than us may very well view humanity as a threat to the Earth; a “cancer of this planet” as agent Smith of ‘The Matrix’ would say. However that has not halted our endeavours to build an autonomous, hyper-intelligent and potentially self-aware cyber-species. Past creations like MarI/O, a program that learns like a human would, have brought us shockingly close to the potential dystopia of true AI.   The latest venture into the world of the machine comes from the collaborative efforts of the Allen institute for Artificial intelligence -AI2 for short- and the University of Washington. Their AI program has managed to score 500 out of 800 points on the math section…

Link to Full Article: AI learns to do SATs better than high school seniors

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