AI Professor Proposes ‘Turing Red Flag Law’

At the dawn of motor vehicle transportation, the UK parliament passed the Locomotive Act of 1865, aka the Red Flag Act. It mandated that all self-propelled vehicles be accompanied by a crew of three and, in the event that such a vehicle was connected to two or more carriages, a man on foot with a red flag must precede the train by a minimum of 60 yards. A machine is coming: Watch the fuck out. The law was perhaps overzealous, but at the time no one really knew what we were getting into with these self-propelled vehicles. It’s this sentiment—and this uncertainty—that forms the foundation of what Australian artificial intelligence professor Toby Walsh calls the Turing Red Flag Law. The danger in question this time is an artificial intelligent agent,…

Link to Full Article: AI Professor Proposes ‘Turing Red Flag Law’

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