AI Program From Google Beats Human World Champ In Game Of Go

U.S.-based Internet search engine Google is expected to enjoy great promotional effects from a “match of century” between human champion of the ancient Chinese board game Go and Google’s computer program AlphaGo. Now, in a series of five matches starting this week, AlphaGo will take on Lee Se-dol, the 33-year-old South Korean professional who is among the world’s top Go players. “Go is primarily a game about intuition rather than brute-force calculation used in chess”, DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said at a press conference Tuesday. But its creators were bullish going into the match at the Four Seasons hotel in the South Korean capital, saying the computer, which employs algorithms that allow it to learn and improve from matchplay experience, was even stronger than when it took on Fan. Go…

Link to Full Article: AI Program From Google Beats Human World Champ In Game Of Go

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