AI reads your tweets and spots when you’re being sarcastic

That is so funny, not Alexey Kopytko/Getty By Edd Gent ok thanks for being a great caring person! ah got to love that iPhone battery lol @BernieSanders and obama doing a great job #sarcasm Without a helpful hashtag, picking up on sarcasm online can be hard even for humans. For literal-minded computers, it’s often a major headache. But now a machine learning system can automatically recognise when individuals are being sarcastic. Advertisement Mining people’s comments on social media is big business. Advertisers track people’s attitudes and moods, companies and governments follow public opinion. But people being sarcastic and saying the opposite of what they actually is super tricky to pick up on. So concerned is the US Secret Service that it listed sarcasm detection as a desired feature in a…

Link to Full Article: AI reads your tweets and spots when you’re being sarcastic

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