AI revolution: blessing or curse?

By Yoon Ja-young / Graphic by Cho Sang-won It’s a bit eerie to see the intelligent machine AlphaGo defeat world go champion Lee Se-dol so ruthlessly.The machine appears to be smirking behind the computer screen after scoring two straight victories in the five-game series against the go grandmaster.Google’s DeepMind team, the creator of the artificial intelligence (AI) program, said the machine played some “creative” moves in the second game.Regardless of the outcome of the remaining three games ― of which Lee said he wants to win at least once ― AlphaGo has already set a milestone in the development of AI, underscoring the potential of AI to affect the future of humanity immensely.It demonstrated the ability to apply what it has learned in a creative way.”Unlike previous go programs, AlphaGo…

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