AI scores higher IQ in testing than average 4-year-old

An AI system has been shown to score higher for verbal IQ than a four-year-old. The ConceptNet 4 artificial intelligence system, run by MIT, was administered a series of verbal IQ tests by researchers. The AI’s software is open-source, run by the prestigious university’s Common Sense Computing Initiative. The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence determined the computer’s verbal reasoning was slightly below that of a young primary school pupil, aged five to seven. Researchers at the University of Chicago published a paper on the study entitled Measuring an Artificial Intelligence System’s Performance on a Verbal IQ Test For Young Children. It showed the AI scored 69 on the scale, where a four-year-old would typically score 50. It also scored 20 on its vocabulary, where a four-year-old would usually score just…

Link to Full Article: AI scores higher IQ in testing than average 4-year-old

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