Alibaba Cloud Heads to Infinity and Beyond

Alibaba Group has ambitious plans to serve 2 billion customers worldwide, but where does Jack Ma, the e-commerce giant’s free-thinking executive chairman, plan on finding additional online shoppers should that goal be achieved? Perhaps Ma can look off-planet. Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba’s cloud computing arm, is set to provide data storage and analytics services to a super-sized Chinese radio telescope recently completed in Guizhou Province to search for signals from intelligent life in other galaxies, among other more pedestrian scientific pursuits such as learning more about the formation of the universe. With a dish the size of 30 soccer fields, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is a deep-space research facility capable of gathering enormous amounts of data: 50 terabytes in a single day, an amount roughly equal to the data contained…

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