ALPHA: The AI That Beats Human Fighter Pilots

I like to think I’m a “young” 45. My daughters, of course, would say otherwise.And when I reflect on the fact that my first thoughts upon hearing the acronym “AI” turn to “Allen Iverson,” now long retired from the NBA, I’m forced to concede their point.I am indeed “Old Man Dittman.”At the same time, I do like to at least try to keep up with the young ‘uns.So lately I’ve developed a fascination with/fan-boy crush on Psibernetix Inc. – a private company (for now) whose ALPHA (artificial intelligence programmed to fly fighter jets) has beaten several “top guns” in dogfight simulations.ALPHA was developed by Psibernetix founder and doctoral candidate Nick Ernest, in conjunction with colleagues from the University of Cincinnati and scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory. It uses…

Link to Full Article: ALPHA: The AI That Beats Human Fighter Pilots

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