AlphaGo defeats S. Korean grandmaster in Go tournament

A machine is the reigning new champion of Go. Google’s Go-playing computer programme, AlphaGo, emerged victorious on Tuesday with four wins and one loss against South Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol, Wired reported. Lee, considered one of the world’s top Go players, missed out on the ₹6.71 crore ($1 million) prize after only managing to snag a single win in the best-of-five series. AlphaGo, developed by British computer company DeepMind, was acquired by Google in 2014. Since then, the programme started building “its expertise by studying older games and teasing out patterns of play,” according to a BBC report. DeepMind co-found Demis Hassabis described it as “deep reinforcement learning.” In an interview with UK’s The Guardian, Hassabis explained: “It’s the combination of deep learning, neural network stuff, with reinforcement learning: so…

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