AlphaGo developer gives a lecture at KAIST

“We should use artificial intelligence like a lab assistant,” said Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis who developed “AlphaGo,” the AI go program. He was giving a presentation titled “AI and the Future” to students in KAIST’s Dream Hall, Daejeon on Friday afternoon. Hassabis continued, “There is nothing to be afraid of in regards to the rapid development of AI. AlphaGo’s system has only one function (playing go).” When asked if AlphaGo starts a dystopia triggered by AI, he answered, “Developing AI with that level of intelligence will take a very long time. That cannot happen now.” Then he gave an example of AI usage noting, “Sorting spam mails in your mail box is also AI’s job.” AlphaGo had two matches with Lee Se-dol (level 9) and won by a wide…

Link to Full Article: AlphaGo developer gives a lecture at KAIST

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