AlphaGo victorious over human opponent Lee Se-dol

Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence has beaten human opponent Lee Se-dol 3-1, with one more match still to be played. Google’s DeepMind-powered AlphaGo artificial intelligence has officially beaten human champion Lee Se-dol at the notoriously complex game of Go, but failed to repeat its clean sweep against Fan Hui.Go has long been a target of artificial intelligence research, thanks to its gigantic problem space. Where chess has a possible 10-to-the-power-of-120 games, Go boasts 10-to-the-power-of-761 – despite having just three rules – making it far too complex for even the most powerful computers to attack in a brute-force manner. Earlier this year, though, advertising giant Google boasted of a breakthrough: a DeepMind-powered artificial intelligence dubbed AlphaGo, which proved its mettle by besting three-time European Go champion Fan Hui five games to zero.To…

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