AlphaGo wins a close one to wrap up battle of man vs. machine

Enlarge Image<div id=”2d3ddbe5-922e-4683-be2a-d55ee8203ba8″ class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options=”{“content”:””,”modalTemplate”:”{{content}}”,”setContentOnInit”:false}”/>In game five against Google’s AlphaGo program, human Go champ Lee Sedol knows he’s met his match. Screenshot by CNET It was an intense competition between man and machine, and in the end, the machine took home the title. On Tuesday, Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence program won the fifth and final round game of Go in a bout with Lee Sedol, one of the greatest Go players in the world. AlphaGo took four out of the five games in a contest that marked a noteworthy leap forward for computer smarts. That’s not to say the computer was perfect. After losing the fourth game, AlphaGo hit a rough patch in game five, but continued on to defeat Lee, who resigned 280 moves in. “It was difficult…

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