, Inc. Investing Heavily In Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is investing a lot of resources to further enhance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its operations, Wall Street Journal reports. It is hiring engineers and scientists in New York and Berlin to further develop AI technology. The job descriptions of the researchers involve around making machines perform functions such as sales forecasts and predicting any frauds in the system.

The specific area of AI integrates in the machine learning process that lets computers run on algorithms, which in turn lets it make predictions with huge sums of data. Currently, Amazon does employ some machine learning on its website via the search prediction feature. Also, the pricing system on the website is powered through AI. Amazon’s European director of machine learning, Ralf Herbrich, stated that this kind of AI makes it possible to predict what a customer will do five seconds later or even six months into the future.

Amazon already has several labs working on the technology, in cities like Bangalore, Berlin, California, Palo Alto, and Seattle. The ones in New York will now be forecasting demand related to the fashion industry. The fashion industry for Amazon is a seasonal market, wherein it becomes a bit difficult to predict accurate data related to users’ habits. Seasons change and so does fashion, and the company wants to predict that accurately to better serve customers.

The tech industry is rushing to develop more and more ways to give AI more responsibility. The retail giant’s machine learning platform is quite advanced, and is in the same ranks as the AI tech in companies like Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which yesterday also announced its own personal digital assistant called “M.”

The rush to get to the technology has seen a rise in companies hiring scientists and engineers. Amazon’s own Echo home personal assistant is serving customers well around the United States. While Amazon may or may not venture into the mobile smartphone market, it is well ahead of the curve through its website’s advanced programming.

On the other hand, this also brings up the issue of how the company is using customer data in such large bulks. The privacy factor of this practice does not bode well with users who don’t want their data to be on any system in the world. Amazon’s website uses a lot of cookies to track where and what users do on the website.

The machine learning program tracks you till the end of the process, which is the checkout. In case a user does not go through with the payment, the system stays with you till you make a purchase. The user will see ads and other recommendations related to the product they were looking for.

Ultimately, the programming allows the machine to make sure you checkout with the product one way or the other. This kind of advanced technology raises the question about what lengths companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon can go to, to track a user’s movement on the Internet.

Source:, Inc. Investing Heavily In Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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