Amazon Robot Challenge Helps Develop Automated Warehouse Workers

Amazon’s robotic Picking Challenge this past weekend demonstrated the advancement in deep learning robots and showed how they may come to rule fulfillment warehouses in the reported that the TU Delft robot from the Netherlands won the stowing and picking contests this year. By combining deep learning artificial intelligence and deep-sensing cameras it handily outshined the competition.”The machine studied 3D scans of the stockroom items to help it decide how to manipulate items with its gripper and suction cup,” Engadget explained. “That adaptive AI made a big difference, to put it mildly. The arm got a near-flawless score in the stowing half of the event, and was over three times faster at picking objects than last year’s champion (100 per hour versus 30).” wrote Monday that the robots were…

Link to Full Article: Amazon Robot Challenge Helps Develop Automated Warehouse Workers

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