AMC Ruysch Lectures (Dorret Boomsma)

Events overview AMC Ruysch Lectures (Dorret Boomsma) The classical twin study is a powerful heuristic in biomedical and behavioural research. Its results have contributed to the awareness that variation in almost every human trait is influenced by genes. In fact, heritability estimates derived from twin studies encouraged the search for the responsible genetic variants in genome-wide association (GWA) studies. In her lecture, Professor Boomsma considers twin studies in the current era of molecular genetics and will discuss ‘omics’ twin studies of e.g. the epigenome, transcriptome, metabolome and microbiome. For heritable traits, the comparison of discordant monozygotic twins gives valuable information to search for disease-associated biological marks and for the inference of causality.The classical twin study combined with novel technologies represent a powerful approach to identify and understand the molecular pathways…

Link to Full Article: AMC Ruysch Lectures (Dorret Boomsma)

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