Amino Acids in Cancer Metabolism and Neuroscience

Amino Acid–based Assays Assay kits for detection of L-amino acids are valuable tools for obtaining important information in research. Glutamine Glutamine (Gln) is essential for several biological processes, such as protein synthesis, regulation of acid balance in mammalian kidneys, and cell growth (Figure 1). It is the cell’s main source of nitrogen for the synthesis of nucleotides and hexosamines. Glutamine is also responsible for energy production, redox homeostasis, and cancer signaling. Some cancer cell lines have shown addiction to glutamine. Glutamine-addicted tumors are characterized by oncogenic expression of the Myc gene, which codes for a transcription factor promoting expression of glutamine transporters and metabolic enzymes for biosynthesis; the result is cells that undergo aerobic glycolysis, ensuring a steady influx of glucose.  These findings make glutamine detection an attractive target for…

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