Apologize for Mocking CSI’s “Photo Enhance” All These Years

We’ll all seen it in various Police and Espionage dramas: some horribly blurry or pixelated image is taking from an equally horrible surveillance camera and after “enhancement” a face come out of it. For years, many of us have laughed at these movie scenes, and rightly so, because there is simply not enough original information to reconstruct an image that is clear and sharp from a blobby bunch of pixels. Each group of four images A, B, C, D, represent (from left to right): A:16×16 input B: a blurred version of A C: computer generated image D: clear photo of the person blurred in A However, the image presented here shows something very interesting: how an AI using deep learning and a lot of face photos (130,000) can “guess” what…

Link to Full Article: Apologize for Mocking CSI’s “Photo Enhance” All These Years

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