ArtificiaI Intelligence: Not As Smart As You Think?

Tweet 0 Share 0 +1 Reddit LinkedIn 0 You may have seen or heard about IBM’s Watson computer when it competed on “Jeopardy”. Of course, it easily defeated its human counterparts – having instant access to 200 million pages (four terabytes) of stored data. That was impressive, to be sure…but there’s one task Watson can’t perform very well: comprehension. It’s one thing to have a lot of facts, but quite another to use them to form a conclusion. Ever since the advent of computers, science fiction writers have envisioned futuristic worlds in which thinking machines have outpaced humans in terms of intelligence. But scientists who work with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) have learned over the years that simply increasing the number of processor cycles won’t get them to…

Link to Full Article: ArtificiaI Intelligence: Not As Smart As You Think?

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