Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of a Smarter Internet

‘Let’s build a single supercomputer that is smarter than all of humanity put together.’ While that sounds ominously similar to what a mad scientist in a fictional universe would say before unleashing a deadly robotic that destroys all humanity, that is exactly the ideal behind the advancement of artificial intelligence as we have come to call it. Technologists around the world have long fantasized about an artificial intelligence so powerful, that it is smarter than all of humanity combined.They have had romantic dreams about how an advancement of that caliber could forward the scientific advancement of the human race by several millennia, provided it doesn’t kill them first. While such a negative utopia is still far from being realized, the development of artificial intelligence has officially commenced, the only question that remains is whether it will be humanity’s greatest…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence and the Evolution of a Smarter Internet

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