Artificial Intelligence And Veggies Mix Quite Well

Artificial intelligence in all of its forms is a truly wondrous achievement of modern technology. Given the right stimuli, an AI-based machine can learn just about anything, and a man by the name of Makoto Koike found one of the coolest ways to prove that notion. In a move that may make you pause for a second, then whisper to yourself, “That’s actually pretty brilliant”, Makoto devised a machine that uses AI, with a backend rooted in Google’s TensorFlow system, to take the edge off of one of the biggest pain points of growing cucumbers; sorting the different types and qualities. When it comes to cucumbers, visual qualities hold a surprising amount of information about the vegetable inside the shell. Cucumbers that are extremely high quality tend to be straight, long, deeply…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence And Veggies Mix Quite Well

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