Artificial Intelligence, automation and the labour market (Part 1)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the pipe dream of cognitive scientists and engineers in the 1950s, has until recently been the domain of science fiction, though once again it has become a huge field of research and technological innovation. Kickstarted by research in Deep Learning, the most cutting edge combination of pursuits in Machine Learning and Neural Networks, there is now a plethora of technological milestones coming out of the field. In 2015, facial recognition by AI software surpassed human level accuracy, and in 2016, DeepMind’s AlphaGO beat a human champion at GO, an incredibly complex game, winning 4 out 5 matches in South Korea. Innovations in the field have quietly moved into our everyday lives in imperceptible ways, from search engines, voice recognition software, movie recommendations, news feeds, and advertising. As…

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