Artificial intelligence could sharpen machines’ language skills: Research

By IANS on Mar 9, 2016 at 12:45 PM comments Tags: Online News Researchers have designed an online crossword-solving application based on artificial intelligence that could make machines better at understanding language. The system, which is freely available online, uses artificial neural networks to answer standard crossword clues better than existing commercial products specifically designed for the task. <iframe class=”iframeads” scrolling=”no” height=”252px” frameborder=”0″ srcdoc=” body{margin:0px;}.blk_amazon{width:300px !important;}”>[embedded content] “Despite recent progress in AI, problems involving language understanding are particularly difficult, and our work suggests many possible applications of deep neural networks to language technology,” said one of the study authors Felix Hill from the University of Cambridge. ”One of the biggest challenges in training computers to understand language is recreating the many rich and diverse information sources available to humans when they learn…

Link to Full Article: Artificial intelligence could sharpen machines’ language skills: Research

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