Artificial intelligence, free money and the end of capitalism

Hey did you see that the Dutch city of Utrecht is experimenting with giving a ‘basic income’ to citizens whether they work or not? Pretty crazy, huh? Yeah, it’s a bold experiment, but not the first time someone’s tried it. In Alaska, for example, every resident of the state gets a payout every year as a dividend for all the oil produced there. Huh, interesting. I guess when artificial intelligence takes all our jobs, we’ll need something like this just to survive… That’s one argument, yeah. The idea is that robots and software will become so good at most jobs humans do today that we’ll have nothing to do. In this vision of the future, the eradication of labor costs makes goods super cheap, so we can live well on a basic income from the…

Link to Full Article: Artificial intelligence, free money and the end of capitalism

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