Artificial Intelligence Has a Morality Problem

If you ever get hit by a self-driving car, it may be my fault. It will not be only my fault, but I may have contributed to your demise. I’m sorry about that. My contribution to your unfortunate death arrived through playing a round or two at MIT’s Moral Machine. MIT is using the machine to “crowdsource” opinions on how self-driving cars should respond to possible moral dilemmas. The Moral Machine is an interactive version of the Trolley Problem, a thought experiment, an artificial moral conundrum first introduced in 1967, meant to tease out values. The Trolley Problem begins with a runaway trolley racing toward you. Five persons lie tied to the tracks. You have access to a lever that will route the trolley to another track, but, just before…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence Has a Morality Problem

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