Artificial intelligence is nearly better at poker than you

Getty Images Poker playing artificial intelligence has already “approached the performance” of human experts and can use “state-of-the-art methods” in its gameplay. Researchers from University College London – including a staff member from DeepMind’s Go defeating team – have created a series of reinforcement algorithms that are able to play Texas Hold’em and a simplistic Leduc poker.      The AI is able to learn the game without any prior knowledge of strategies and taught itself by playing fictitious matches on its own, according to the paper Deep Reinforcement Learning from Self-Play in Imperfect-Information Games.  Research student Johannes Heinrich and lecturer and David Silver explain in the paper that the Neural Fictitious Self-Play method they created used deep reinforcement learning “to learn directly from their experience of interacting in the…

Link to Full Article: Artificial intelligence is nearly better at poker than you

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