Artificial intelligence is scary, humans playing with fire

Last week there were two interesting incidents involving artificial intelligence (AI). In both cases the company behind AI was Google. In Seoul, AlphaGo, an AI system created by Google, crushed Lee Sedol, an 18-time world champion who is regarded as the decade’s top player of Go – an abstract strategy board game. In a match with five games, the AlphaGo was leading 3-0 on March 12. On March 14, Sedol pulled one back and won the fourth game. He said that he had finally found a weakness in the AlphaGo’s game. But apparently, the celebrations were premature. In the fifth game on March 15, AlphaGo again reigned supreme. And this was not just one of those “AI-calculated-faster-than-a-human” type of victory. Go is an ancient game, invented by humans over 2,000…

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