Artificial Intelligence machine has IQ of 4-year olds

How ‘intelligent’ is current Artificial Intelligence? Machines which are hugely better at handling data or playing chess or even pattern recognition are well-known. But clearly, this doesn’t give us an idea of how they stand in comparison to human intelligence.A team of scientists seem to have partially cracked this conundrum by comparing the ‘intelligence quotient’ or IQ of one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence machines with human intelligence. And their results are not surprising: computers have to go a long way before they can catch up with humans. One of the best machines could manage an IQ score of 4-year old child at the most.Stellan Ohlsson at the University of Illinois and his colleagues gave the standard IQ test to ConceptNet 4, a powerful AI machine built at…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence machine has IQ of 4-year olds

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