Artificial intelligence machine out-plays gamers in video game

When it comes to gaming, Carnegie Mellon students are usually the ones beating the computer. But this time, the computer beat the students. Carnegie Mellon University computer science students, Devendra Chaplot and Guillaume Lample, recently made an artificial intelligence (AI) agent in the video game Doom that outplays computer-generated agents and human gamers. They accomplished this by applying deep-learning techniques that taught their agent, Arnold, to manipulate the game’s 3-D design. “The work is purely a result of our passion for artificial intelligence and video games,” Chaplot said. “Games have been a testbed for advancement of AI since decades, like Chess, Poker, 2-D Atari Games, Go, 3D FPS Games, and this development can be viewed as a very small step towards creating a general Artificial Intelligence.” Chaplot and Lample’s research…

Link to Full Article: Artificial intelligence machine out-plays gamers in video game

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