Artificial Intelligence may be the Antidote to Breast Cancer

The new way to fight with breast cancer has been discovered by researcher. Yes, its artificial intelligence, which is  may be the antidote to breast cancer. Utilizing artificial intelligence, researcher have figured out how to anticipate with more than 70 percent precision a patient’s response to two basic chemotherapy solutions used to treat breast cancer. Taking into account individual hereditary examination of their tumors, patients with the same sort of growth can have diverse reactions to the same treatment. While a few patients will react well and go into reduction, others will build up an imperviousness to the drug. “Computerized reasoning is a capable apparatus for foreseeing medication results in light of the fact that it takes a gander at the aggregate of all the communicating qualities,” said Peter Rogan, educator at…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence may be the Antidote to Breast Cancer

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