Artificial intelligence, overseen by humans, key to new robo

Davyde Wachell, whose Vancouver-based company is launching a new artificial intelligence robo-advisor, says computers will never be as smart as humans assisted by machines. But Wachell’s Responsive Capital Management is touting artificial intelligence and deep data as its edge over automated competitors. Human decisions powered by artificial intelligence, says the company’s chief executive, will outperform the most intelligent computer or the smartest person. “Amateur-level chess players could beat [chess champion Garry] Kasparov and [chess computer] Deep Blue, if they were given AI assistance. The Pentagon, the U.S. military, calls this the Centaur model,” says Wachell, whose company launches its eponymous machine-learning robo advisor this month. But he cautions: “There’s no substitute for thinking. If you want to plug in something [AI] and hope everything’s going to be OK, I’m worried for you.” Read:…

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