Artificial intelligence powers course learning tools

Students and faculty in several of Colorado State University’s online programs will begin using “intelligent tutoring” technology in courses this fall. This comes as CSU Online recently announced a new partnership with Cognii, Inc., a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence-based educational technology. kAmr$& 724F=EJ 2?5 :?DECF4E:@?2= 56D:8?6CD H:== H@C6?E E@@=D A@H6C65 3J r@8?::’D ‘:CEF2= {62C?:?8 pDD:DE2?E[ H9:49 😀 56D:8?65 E@ :>AC@G6 DEF56?ED’ =62C?:?8 @FE4@>6D[ :?4C62D6 :?DECF4E@CD’ AC@5F4E:G:EJ 2?5 6?23=6 9:89BF2=:EJ A6CD@?2=:K65 65F42E:@? 2E 2 =2C86 D42=6]k^Am kAm“%96 FD6 @7 r@8?:: 😕 E96 4=2DDC@@> 😀 6IA64E65 E@ :>AC@G6 =62C?:?8 @FE4@>6D[ EFC?:?8 2DD6DD>6?E :?E@ =62C?:?8 H9:=6 6?92?4:?8 E96 67764E:G6?6DD @7 E96 E:>6 @FC 724F=EJ 56G@E6 E@ E6249:?8[” D2:5 |:BF:DE[ r$&’D pDD@4:2E6 !C@G@DE 7@C x?DECF4E:@?2= x??@G2E:@?]k^Am kAm“%9C@F89 E9:D A2CE?6CD9:A[ r$& 😀 @? E96 4FEE:?8 6586 @7 C646?E C6D62C49 2?5 :??@G2E:@? 😕 E96 7:6=5D…

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