Artificial Intelligence Start-up, Jottr, Claims to Read You Like a Book

A new, trailblazing app is offering to bring users more of what they love using a clever, insightful Artificial Intelligence platform.

Aug. 20, 2015 / PRZen / SAN FRANCISCO — Jottr is a new Silicon Valley start-up whose first app promises to read a user’s mind like a book. Connected to thousands of valuable content sources, it delivers the ultimate personalized experience through clever analysis of a user’s online behavior.

The first version of the platform is so insightful it has been given an identity and a gender. Following the lead of intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Cortana, Jottr is very much female and she’s ready to make promises on what she can deliver.

The average person cycles through dozens of news sources before finding the entertaining or professional content they seek. Often they will stumble across content that’s pushed in their faces, content that’s often depressing in nature, content they don’t want to see. The founders refer to this content tsunami as “infobesity,” or information overload.

Jottr is different. Through every thumb swipe, every purposeful article close and every double tap, it builds a personal Interest Graph through which millions of news releases and blog articles are filtered to bring users only what they love.

A Jottr user won’t be assaulted with irrelevant news and won’t be sent off on a tangent. They won’t begin by searching for “cute puppies” then end with images of pink elephants. The sources span every genre, covering interests from comical to PhD level, ensuring that even the most discerning can research effectively.

If a user wishes to remain anonymous, that wish is granted too. Even so, their visits will still improve over time, as they’ll notice their feeds become more absorbing and personal.

Instead of waxing lyrical in a privacy policy nobody reads, Jottr has set the bar high by taking inspiration from the White House with an innovative, clear, transparency policy in a bid to remove the legal jargon associated with most online platforms.

As with all inventions built to last, Jottr fulfills the trio of criteria required for success. It saves a user time, (it’s convenient), it entertains/informs and it is personalized to the core.

Jottr will always deliver more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

Notes to Editors

The best way to understand Jottr and to give Jottr a chance to understand you is to download the app and try it for yourself. Simply search for Jottr in the iOS app store or visit

Jottr’s Transparency Policy can be found at and app screenshots can be downloaded at

Jay Shah, CEO
+1 (347) 841 1412

Source: Jottr

Press release distributed by PRZen

Source: Artificial Intelligence Start-up, Jottr, Claims to Read You Like a Book

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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