Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value of digital assets

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding into an array of unexpected applications, looming ever larger on the horizon of our tech-powered future. It’s increasingly dominating media headlines as well. Take the recent news of AlphaGo. This is the AI “mind” that defeated one of the best players of Go, considered perhaps one of the most complex games developed by humans. In China, more than 280 million people watched the game live, marvelling at a machine’s strategic mastery over man. However, not all AI developments are winners. On the flip side of AlphaGo’s triumph, was Tay, the chatbot released by Microsoft that was trained to respond like a millennial. In short time, its vulnerabilities were exposed and Tay, mimicking users, transformed into a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic chatterbox. Whoops. Nonetheless, AI is rapidly…

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