Artificial Intelligence vs The Go Master

Image: DeepMind/YouTube | URL: Go is the world’s oldest and arguably most interesting game. The fundamental mechanics of the game are easy to learn, but can take years to master. Go, or Weiqi in its native China, is stark in it’s simplicity, yet mathematically complexity. At it’s core Go is a game that teaches lessons. The origins of the 3,000-year-old game are intertwined with an Innovation Must-Reads amalgamation of Chinese intellectual, spiritual, and military history. To learn Go one must also master proverbs that explain tactics, strategy, and a peaceful but engaged mindset. READ: Artificial Intelligence and IT: The good, the bad and the scary (Tech Pro Research story) Artificial Intelligence has evolved dramatically in the two decades since IBM’s Deep Blue conquered Chess legend Garry Kasparov. Anders Kierulf,…

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