Ask LH: What Can I Study That Won’t Become Obsolete?

Dear LH, Due to technological advancements and societal trends, which types of careers are at most risk of becoming obsolete in the near future? Equally, what are the growth industries that students should be considering to ensure they will be in high demand after graduation and throughout their career? From ellrob88 Education image via Shutterstock Dear ellrob88 With UAC preferences due for this year’s HSC graduates in two weeks, a lot of teenagers are going to be currently pondering this question. Many once-common jobs are becoming increasingly automated — just look at how many shops are setting up self-service checkouts as one very visible and obvious example. In Australia, some reports have estimated that anywhere up to a whopping half a million existing jobs could be replaced by robots or…

Link to Full Article: Ask LH: What Can I Study That Won’t Become Obsolete?

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