Attention’s place in the human cognitive architecture Cell Press

IMAGE: This is the cover of Neuron’s special issue on Cognitive Architectures. view more Credit: Neuron 2015 Neuroscientists can’t build a brain, so they have settled with reverse engineering–learning a lot about each part in hopes that they can understand how all of the pieces fit together. In a Neuron special issue on “Cognitive Architecture,” published October 7, researchers present integrated theories on how processes–such as attention, body self-consciousness, and language–function within the hardware of the human brain. Attention’s place in this architecture is to help us structure our internal world so that the thoughts, emotions, or motivations that are most relevant to our goals will get preferential processing through the brain, explain Princeton University neuroscientists Timothy Buschman and Sabine Kastner in a review of attention research. “Almost all high-order cognitive…

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