AWS launches Amazon Machine Learning into Europe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Machine Learning into Europe, with its Dublin headquarters and data centre able to serve the predictive analytics service to the region.

Delivered through the AWS cloud platform, Amazon Machine Learning provides a service for developers to harness machine learning technology without having very specialist skills or needing to learn complex algorithms.

Through the use of visual tools and dialogue boxes, Amazon Machine Learning can guide developers through the process of creating machine learning models that can be used to carry out predictive analytics in real-time for serving a variety of purposes.

These include setting up predictive models to help find potentially fraudulent retail transactions or aid an online retailer in detecting fake or inappropriate item reviews.

Amazon Machine Learning can also help a user’s website provide a more personalised experience for a returning customer by predicting items and content based on their previous visits to the site.

The service offers the ability to predict customer churn, and allows for users to find customers likely to abandon using their website and allow them to take action to mitigate that risk.

Furthermore, Amazon Machine Learning offers document classification to aid how users process and take action on information gleaned from unstructured text, such as reviews.

By hosting the Amazon Machine Learning in Dublin, Amazon can target the service at customers in the EU who may need to work under the data location limitations that prevent them from storing data in cloud services not hosted within Europe.

The proximity of Amazon’s Dublin data centre also aids in cutting down on the latency of services being delivered to Europe, which is particularly useful with real-time analytics activity that need high-speed interactions in order to be effective.

Amazon is clearly pushing to get more users on its AWS platform, having revealed it will be launching an AWS Pop-up Loft in London to support startups using its cloud.

Source: AWS launches Amazon Machine Learning into Europe

Via: Google Alert for ML

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