Behavior I/O: Using Machine Learning to Empower Human Learning

(patrice6000/Shutterstock) At lunch last week, I learned that a couple colleagues were engaged in a little duel—trying to out-walk each other, as tracked by their new Fitbits. Self-improvement was definitely the goal, but seeing peer performance and benchmarks provided the required motivation to achieve that goal. If you’re a data science or analytics leader, your job is to manage analysts who produce insights.  Insights drive innovation which in turn drive profits.  So, if you want to drive your business through these insights, you have two options.  You can either hire more analysts or you can increase the productivity of your existing analysts.  The first option is expensive and difficult. So, you’re left with the question of how to change the behavior of your analysts (or, really, anyone seeking self-service data).…

Link to Full Article: Behavior I/O: Using Machine Learning to Empower Human Learning

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