Beware of the Small-world neuroscientist!

1Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute, Spain Characterizing the brain’s anatomical and dynamical organization and how this enables it to carry out complex tasks is highly ‎non trivial. While there has long been strong evidence that brain anatomy can be thought of as a complex network at micro as well as macro scales, the use of functional imaging techniques has recently shown that brain dynamics also has a network-like structure.Network Science [1] allows neuroscientists to quantify the general ‎organizing principles of brain structure and dynamics at all scales in terms of highly reproducible, often universal properties shared by prima facie very different systems [2]. A network representation also helps addressing classical but complex issues such as structure-function ‎relationships in a straightforward and elegant fashion, and determining how efficiently a system transfers…

Link to Full Article: Beware of the Small-world neuroscientist!

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