Bill Nye Takes On Artificial Intelligence

Bill Nye, on a BigThink hosted article, released a video segment titled “Worrying about the Robo-pocalypse Is a First-World Problem.” And although the title is pretty out there, the video makes up for it. Bill Nye discusses the implications of the development of machines with artificial intelligence, courtesy of BigThink:  So when it comes to artificial intelligence it is fabulous science fiction premise to create a machine that will kill you. And I very much enjoyed Ex Machina where the guy builds these big robots and then there’s trouble. There’s trouble. And I can’t help but think about Colossus, the Forbin Project where they have these computers that control the world’s nuclear arsenals. And then things go wrong, you know. Things just go wrong in science fiction sense. But they…

Link to Full Article: Bill Nye Takes On Artificial Intelligence

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