Board game champ again outwitted by Google program

NEW DELHI (CNNMoney) -The rise of the machines was on full display Thursday in Seoul when a Google computer again defeated the top-ranked human player of Go, the world’s most complex board game. The computer’s second consecutive victory over Lee Se-dol, the Go world champion, will be seen as a significant advancement in artificial intelligence. The South Korean must now win three games in a row against Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo to triumph in the best-of-five series. The computer won its first match against Lee on Wednesday. If Lee wins the series, he gets $1 million and reasserts his title as global champ; a convincing win by AlphaGo would signal the end of human dominance in the insanely complicated board game. (Google will donate the prize money to charity.) Lee, 33,…

Link to Full Article: Board game champ again outwitted by Google program

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