Board Game Champion ‘Nervous’ Ahead of Google AI Match

A board game world champion has said he is “quite nervous” about being beaten by an artificial intelligence computer program developed by Google, in what is regarded as the “outstanding grand challenge” for AI. Five matches of the ancient Chinese board game Go are set to be played between Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo and South Korea’s Lee Se-dol, beginning on Wednesday at 4am GMT at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. All matches will be live streamed through DeepMind’s YouTube channel.   Try Newsweek: Subscription offers Go has been described by DeepMind’s founder Demis Hassabis as “the most profound game that mankind has ever devised”. In an average 150-move game, the number of possible board combinations is larger than the number of atoms in the universe. “I’ve…

Link to Full Article: Board Game Champion ‘Nervous’ Ahead of Google AI Match

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