Brain Matters: Neuroscience News of the Week, 5 December

Brain Decoder – Sweet or Bitter? Taste Is All In Your Head [MEDIUM SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ] TASTY THOUGHTS: By switching on particular groups of neurons in the gustatory (taste) cortex, researchers have convinced mice that the plain old water they are drinking is deliciously sweet or repulsively bitter. What does this mean? Soon, maybe, everything can taste like chocolate… The Atlantic – What Can You Actually Do With Your Fancy Gene Editing Technology? [SIMPLE SCIENCE / LONG READ] ENGINEERING THE GENOME: Neurological and mental health disorders are influenced by genetic as well as environmental factors. In the past few years, technologies for directly editing genomes (including the human genome) have become cheaper, easier, and more widespread, raising the possibility that disorders could be prevented with gene editing techniques. But…

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