Browse Millions of Fashion Items Sorted with Artificial Intelligence

Instead of piling clothing under generic one-word categories, Donde Fashion zeroes in on specific attributes with help of zeroes and ones

With over 6,000 brands to choose from, Donde Fashion will be using visual search engines to make sure you right the find piece of clothing out of a heap of millions. The app hailing from Tel Aviv and Palo Alto uses artificial intelligence to sort out their virtual retail space, accounting for every seam in a dress or every strap in a bag so you can find what you want with a few taps.

If you’ve ever wondered why you rarely see someone wearing the same clothes as you on a crowded street, you understand how massive the number of choices in clothing there is. Pair that up with the ability to shop in a 5.5-inch screen and you have an overload of options that might confuse you rather than inspire you to press the “Buy Now” button.

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This is where Donde Fashion comes in. The interface works well with users that know what they are looking for. Users can specify the color they want, then choose fabric patterns, sleeve length, neckline shape, etc. Dresses that match these selections pop up and are aggregated for the shopper to peruse.

Searches are done by tapping icons—none of the hashtags or keywords usually found in fashion e-retailing. Listing items from Banana Republic, Barney’s New York, Bloomingdales, J. Crew and Zara and about 6,000 other retailers and brands, Donde Fashion has individual pieces numbered at the millions. To cope with such numbers, it uses artificial intelligence to inspect items and file them under the visual categories.

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Donde Fashion CEO and Founder Liat Zakay shares:

Despite mobile commerce sales in the U.S. experiencing rapid growth, the way that consumers search for products has remained stagnant for over 17 years.

We’re excited to introduce a better way to search through Donde, and to offer women a tool to find exactly what they want.

The app also integrates its own social network where users can follow brands, influencers and each other. They can write and read reviews for items and add future buys to a wish list to look out for sales.

Donde Fashion

Source: Browse Millions of Fashion Items Sorted with Artificial Intelligence

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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